SOFWERX/SOCOM Seeks ATAK-Integrated Targeting Device

SOFWERX, SOCOM’s Not-For-Profit Innovation Arm is looking for a “Target Location Device” that’s integrated with ATAK. They want your submission by May 4, 2020. From the post: Ground forces require an improved capability to precisely fix-finish known enemies in an operationally relevant scenario. Currently, forces use map data, which is hard to get, or lengthy talk-ons for fixed and rotary …

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There are a number of voices calling for such fast, iterative feedback loops between operational experiences on the one hand and the acceleration of technological solutions on the other, an approach often referred to as “rapid prototyping.” What remain lacking, however, are concrete plans to make this approach a reality within the U.S. military. Some refer to rapid prototyping as a “mindset” or “culture” that needs to be inculcated throughout the force.


TAK Enables ‘Hyper-Enabled Operator’ Concept

National Defense Magazine has an interesting article on SOCOM’s “Hyper-Enabled Operator” concept, and part of that concept: The concept — which focuses on four pillars of technology including communications, computing, data/sensors and human-machine interfaces — is about pushing tailored information to a dismounted operator or unit at the tactical edge, he said during remarks at the National Defense Industrial Association’s …

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Secubit Integrates w/ ATAK

From Jane’s: US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is integrating weaponry readiness and maintenance enhancement solutions into its Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), industry sources told Jane’s at SMi’s Future Soldier Technology conference in London on 11 March. USSOCOM is seeking to optimise Israeli company Secubit’s WeaponLogic Ecosystem, which comprises a toolset designed to generate and analyse weapon usage data in real time. …

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SOCOM’s SOFWERX Hosts Hacking event

SOCOM’s SOFWERX hosted a Rapid Prototyping Event this month to build on the ATAK Platform as follows: Key technologies demonstrated levels of autonomy and mapping for land and air to include navigation and target identification, analytics in geospatial and intelligence, interoperability with ATAK, small sub surface vessels, and legged Unmanned Ground Vehicle robots that transit through diverse terrain. There were also …

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NPS Leverages ATAK for Research

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) built a collaborative Mission Planner for ATAK. Research: • The Collaborative Mission Planner (CMP) produces CONOPs built collaboratively by multiple TAK devices. The CMP creates mission products as a living product of planning • TAK CMP was developed using Design Thinking Methodologies. • ADAPT team held weekly design sessions in person, via VTC, and telephonically …

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GoTenna SOFIC Brief-Fully ATAK Integrated

Jorge Prodomo, of GoTenna, gave a brief of the compelling case for GoTenna products at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), where he included a discussion of GoTenna’s ATAK integration.  Here’s the link to the ATAK discussion.  The whole video is below.  At about the 9 minute point he also talks about using TAKServer to bridge GoTenna with …

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