SOFWERX/SOCOM Seeks ATAK-Integrated Targeting Device

SOFWERX, SOCOM’s Not-For-Profit Innovation Arm is looking for a “Target Location Device” that’s integrated with ATAK. They want your submission by May 4, 2020. From the post:

Ground forces require an improved capability to precisely fix-finish known enemies in an operationally relevant scenario. Currently, forces use map data, which is hard to get, or lengthy talk-ons for fixed and rotary wing close air support (CAS). Map data, while useful, is not always updated and cannot be used for personnel or moving targets. Ground systems have precision munitions and ground forces require coordinates with enough fidelity to maximize effectiveness of these precision munitions.

Target Location Device (TLD) is an acquisition project with the objective to streamline developmental efforts and field high accuracy target location technology in a rapid acquisition environment. The Government has attached a draft statement of objectives for reference below.

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