SOCOM’s SOFWERX Hosts Hacking event

SOCOM’s SOFWERX hosted a Rapid Prototyping Event this month to build on the ATAK Platform as follows:

Key technologies demonstrated levels of autonomy and mapping for land and air to include navigation and target identification, analytics in geospatial and intelligence, interoperability with ATAK, small sub surface vessels, and legged Unmanned Ground Vehicle robots that transit through diverse terrain. There were also examples of machine learning that utilized advanced algorithms being fed numerous sensor streams live or near real time.
Through direct government attendee feedback, SOFWERX continues to advance industry that presented promising technology and facilitate government-industry interaction that ultimately will place advanced drone capabilities into our Warfighters hands.
ThunderDrone Rapid Protoyping Event 1
•Capped the “first of its kind” RPE event, tailored toward rapid drone technology development for Warfighter advantage.
•The ThunderDrone RPE I Rodeo event hosted 222 Industry and Warfighter/Government participants. There were 32 hand selected industry companies, laboratories, and universities that participated in 31 experiments/demonstrations.
•Collaboration through the ThunderDrone RPE led to 10 teaming arrangements demonstrating their integrated technologies toward a desired warfighter capability.
•Received and evaluated 675+ Government attendee comments on Industry Technologies.
•Facilitated 100+ Government-Industry discussions for potential partnerships.
•Innovated ThunderDrone-Operator working groups for future ThunderDrone RPEs tailored toward thorough Operator-focused needs.

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