US Army To Give Soldiers New 1-Ounce Hidden Weapons That Will Change the Game

FLIR has a contract to produce micro UAS for the Army. This is the sort of battlefield “Internet of Things” that pairs well with TAK. There’s no word on whether this system will actually be integrated with TAK, but FLIR is a licensee.

From the article:

FLIR Black Hornet III, in hand. FLIR Systems

Army units will soon be equipped with pocket-sized drones to give them an edge on the battlefield.

The Army has awarded FLIR Systems a $39.6 million contract to provide Black Hornet personal-reconnaissance drones, the company said in a release on its website.

The drones are 6.6 inches long and weigh 1.16 ounces, the company said. They can fly in day or night conditions for up to 1.24 miles. The drones have a maximum speed of 20 feet per second.

The drones can remain airborne for about 25 minutes.

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