RX Systems Releases Enhanced GPS-Denied Solution Suite Supporting ATAK


TRX Systems, provider of NEON® GPS-Denied Location and Mapping Solutions, today released an offline version of its Personnel Tracker Solution compatible with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) and other secure mobile applications. The new NEON solution is deployed with an Android APK and Tracking Unit that operate offline, without an internet or cloud connection. The NEON Android API supports integration with third-party applications, delivering safety and situational awareness for warfighters and security personnel operating over secure networks.

NEON Personnel Tracker is a low SWaP, location and tracking solution that delivers continuous location both indoors and out when dismounted personnel are operating with and without GPS in both naturally and intentionally denied environments. Leveraging GPS, body-worn sensors, RF ranging, and available map data, Personnel Tracker is an extensible solution easily integrated with third-party situational awareness applications.

ATAK is a government off-the-shelf geospatial situational awareness application for Android devices used by warfighters and security personnel. The new offline NEON solution is seamlessly integrated with ATAK via a software “plug-in” that delivers location when dismounted personnel are operating both outdoors with GPS and in GPS-denied areas, including urban and subterranean environments. The NEON-ATAK plug-in allows NEON to: 

  • Deliver 2D/3D personnel location everywhere (e.g., outdoors with GPS and in GPS-denied areas)
  • Operate with any ATAK compatible Android End User Device (EUD) or network
  • Display NEON location data on the Android EUD and within WinTAK
  • Deploy ad-hoc Ultrawideband (UWB) “Drop Beacons” to enhance team location accuracy
  • Utilize map data and other location constraints (e.g., military satellite, psesudolite, external ranging radio) when available

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