Virtual OpenTAK Conference Thanks!!!

On behalf of the Virtual OpenTAK Conference organizers, I’d like to thank everyone who presented, assisted with and attended the event. We had about 1,000 viewers total, though most — understandably — didn’t hang around all day.

Highlights included the keynote speech by Tim Van Name, the Army Special Operations Command Chief Technology Officer and Open Source advocate, a roadmap for TAK from the Government’s Joint Product Center, several capability releases — “Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With ATAK“, the FTS Roadmap, and “‘ARIK'”. – I’d also like to express a special thanks to @Corvo, without whom this conference would not have occurred —

We expect the presentations posted this week and the videos to be posted in the next week (videos here, Presentations here–Link to be added). I’ll post several highligts of the conference shortly.

Notably, “ARIK” AKA “Hammer”, also known as “FengTAK”, which was the most requested item in the “T-Rex Video” to allow the use of legacy radios to communicate among TAK devices. The source code for the plugin has been approved for public release, and both the source code and –probably, depending primarily on Google — the App will be posted this week.

Once the videos and presentatons have been posted, There will be a frest post to let everyone know.

Thanks again to everyone!

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