Secubit Integrates w/ ATAK

From Jane’s:

Secubit’s Smart Counter, which can be inserted into the pistol grip of an assault rifle, can augment existing BMS solutions such as USSOCOM’s ATAK. Source: Secubit

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is integrating weaponry readiness and maintenance enhancement solutions into its Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), industry sources told Jane’s at SMi’s Future Soldier Technology conference in London on 11 March.

USSOCOM is seeking to optimise Israeli company Secubit’s WeaponLogic Ecosystem, which comprises a toolset designed to generate and analyse weapon usage data in real time.

Secubit’s Chief Executive Officer, Itay Weiss, said the integration of the WeaponLogic Ecosystem into ATAK would be complete by the end of the third quarter of 2019.

WeaponLogic Ecosystem technology is used by multiple armed forces, including Sweden, to support maintenance for small arms inventories. However, this latest collaboration with the NSWC represents the first time the solution will be integrated into a wider battle management system (BMS).

Secubit’s technology features a Smart Counter that can be integrated into the pistol grip of assault rifles and handguns, including Singapore’s SAR21 and the US’ M16, M4, and Glock weapons. Smart Counters could be integrated into upper receivers of M4s and M16s as an alternative, Weiss said.

The Smart Counter, which is supported by laptop-installed software, includes an information storage capacity that provides weapon operators and wider BMS with information including magazine status, muzzle velocity, barrel temperature, and even the status of safety selector catches. Weiss said the Smart Counter could also be programmed to identify the direction of fire, which would further support its utility in BMS technology.

According to Weiss, the WeaponLogic Ecosystem will be networked to ATAK BMS software through multiple software defined radios (SDRs).

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