NPS Leverages ATAK for Research

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) built a collaborative Mission Planner for ATAK.


• The Collaborative Mission Planner (CMP) produces
CONOPs built collaboratively by multiple TAK
devices. The CMP creates mission products as a
living product of planning
• TAK CMP was developed using Design Thinking
• ADAPT team held weekly design sessions in
person, via VTC, and telephonically for 6
months to develop the TAK CMP

• USSOCOM is developing the CMP plugin for all TAK

• The development of mission command software is a long, multiple capstone process which has to be done
in sequences by follow on capstone teams.

• Our Capstone mainly built the initial architecture and
framework for TAK CMP, focusing on an intuitive
process of building mission products.

The “So What”:

• TAK CMP will be fielded to all SOCOM units after
field experimentation of the latest SOMPE

• CMP provides an agile real-time JIIM planning
and execution tool to all government TAK-user

Next Steps:

• Expand the CMP to address CWMD specific planning
• Test the TAK CMP at SOF exercises. Incorporate
feedback into future versions.

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