AR TAK Video

From LinkedIn:

What you are about to see has never been shown in public. This is ARTAK, shown through the Hololens. Volume on. Full quality version at link below (LinkedIn downsampled it). This is a fielded TRL9 Capability.

There is only one. Often imitated, never replicated. The Augmented Reality Tactical Assault Kit. TRL9. Validated in the crucible of combat OCONUS.

Built by, with, and through USSOCOM to run at the tactical edge. Engineered by the best in the business: Cameron DavisJustin ForsythGarrett KrickTyler CarrollMatthew HayesRock Jackson and Lauren Bowler.

Invented and packaged in Clearwater, FL.

Available to US Customers today.

Transform your FOB or MSS.

Buy now, contact Pedro Ramos

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