Hands-Free, Vehicle Mounted Comm/Situational Awareness — TAK Compatible

Critical Communications announced Handsfree Group ha a new all-in-one solution for vehicle mounted communications and situational awareness, using ATAK as the interface/Common Operating Picture (COP).

From the Article:

Handsfree Group has been promoting their R5 FVD device at North American events for a few years now. In this short time, they have built strong relationships with FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, and Google Mobile Services in the US market, which is the largest market for the sector worldwide. Furthermore, the company have integrated AIRBUS Agnet and Motorola WAVE PTX solutions onto the R5 and take great pride in being an esteemed certified supplier for AIRBUS.

The HANDSFREE R5 now also supports the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) application, a collaborative geospatial solution designed to facilitate seamless coordination among deployed units, ensuring a quick and efficient response to emergencies. The rapid expansion of ATAK as a common operating picture (COP) platform in the North American public safety community makes this integration a significant step forward in the company’s offering for incident management and situational awareness.

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