CivTAK released on Google Play Store

The TAK Product Center has released CivTAK/ ATAK-CIV (Android Team Awareness Kit – Civil Use) on the Google Play Store on the 1st of September, 2020 as a free download. This comes with the ATAK-CIV 4.1.1 as the TAK Product Center’s first publicly released version on the Google Play Store.

Download CivTAK on Google Play Store here.

Excerpt from the CivTAK Google Play Store Page:

“The Tactical Assault Kit is DoD nomenclature for the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) application: a mission planning, geospatial, Full Motion Video (FMV), and system administrator tool that reduces the operational footprint from a tactical laptop, to a commercial mobile device. The geospatial engine and communications component support Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial sector standards. Extensibility of the core platform is supported by the Software Development Kit (, which enables any partner to develop mission-specific capability or contribute to the advancement of the baseline. Data can be pre-loaded into ATAK or downloaded from the network when available.”

Note: Devices that use armeabi-v7a and x86 libraries are not supported due to the Google Play Store maximum file size limit of 100MB. This is expected this will change when Google Play Store increases their limit to 150MB in 2021. For those who need to run CivTAK on their devices, can still download the full version at or visit the OwnCloud Repository. Unlike ATAK-PR, this Google Play Store release supports compatible plugins.

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