CTTSO Seeks Drone/Cloud/ATAK Integration

The Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office is soliciting bids for an ATAK/Cloud/Drone integration project it is running.  From he solicitation:

Current small unmanned aerial system (sUAS ) technology requires a ground control station (GCS) for each air vehicle. Each sUAS manufacturer has its own unique or proprietary GCS and
communications configurations that require system-specific training for each sUAS. The GCS communicates with the air vehicle via line-of-sight (LOS) single-channel radio, and receives all data feeds for operator consumption, but has no inherent connectivity to tactical cloud networks for sharing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), weather, full-motion video (FMV), or telemetry data to support distributed situational awareness (SA), targeting, airspace management, or command and control at the congested tactical edge. The Tactical Assault Kit
(TAK) is an operational C4I solution fielded via Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) smartphone devices and applications supported by IP networks providing real-time SA through
voice, text, video, pictures, and layered moving maps. The open architecture of ATAK allows for extensibility and rapid development of plug-ins to add functionality to the system.

Integrate various sUAS GCS data inputs and outputs with TAK networks for tactical cloud-enabled integration of FMV and telemetry for distribution of tactical ISR, and develop an ATAK
plug-in to support exchange of GCS mission planning and navigation inputs from a standardized user interface for collaborative control of multiple sUAS platforms by multiple users across the TAK network. This system shall allow sUAS mission planning and operation through an enabled mobile device. The capability shall extend to all TAK devices including Android and Windows-based devices. The system shall provide real-time video  and telemetry from sUAS platforms across the TAK network.

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