CTTSO funds ATAK Secure Comm System

The Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) announced that they’ve funded a secure data at rest virtual machine running directly off of a micro SD card to run ATAK for Homeland Security, the DoD and the Intelligence Community.  Its also on page 61 of the CTTSO Annual Review Book.

Here’s an excerpt:

Description: GSCS provides tactical level infrastructure and information assurance services to small tactical units for the security of their communications needs in austere environments where they cannot access the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) and its services. GSCS is a capability that creates a secure ecosystem based on a holistic communications approach of combining software, hardware, and telecommunications technologies. GSCS features a public key infrastructure (PKI)-based software suite for versatility on common operating systems; a virtual machine based routing system for infrastructure connectivity for data in transit (DIT) security; and a fully programmable Linux computer on a chip via a microSD for data at rest (DAR) security. GSCS brings tactical communications into the 21st century by allowing the use of smartphone devices and commercial Internet. The architecture provides for plug-n-play flexibility with third-party applications and hardware as well.

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