OpenTAK Conference Now Online

If you are interested in the Virtual OpenTAK Confrence, you can find the videos starting below, and the entire playlist, cut into sessons here. The presentations are here.

Here’s what happened at the OpenTAK Conference:

The 2020 OpenTAK Virtual Conference includes a keynote speech from the CTO of US Army Special Operations Command, several talks by the Federal Government discussing the OpenTAK roadmap, the automated plugin signing and realated topics such as the planned release of iTAK and possible open sourcing of WinTAK.

It included a walk-through of the ATAK architecture, how to build an ATAK plugin to help developers get started on building their own plugins.

Finally, it also included several application and plugin developments and how-tos, such as a software modemm (which has been released as open source), a server (FreeTAKServer) integration with APRS/Ham radio and the potential release of an off-grid radio integrated with ATAK from Radacat.

We’d like to thank the keynote speaker, Tim VanName, all the speakers, and the almost 1,000 viewers who “tuned-in” for the day. Your energy drives the community!

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