CivTAK 4.0.7 Has Been Released

CivTAK 4.0.7 has been released. This is the enterprise-quality, “F-35 of Geospatial Collaboration” official, plugin-capable release of CivTAK. You can get it here. Its the most capable geospatial collaboration tool out there at any price. T-Rex recommended that iPhone users go buy an Android to try it out it is so powerful.

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        1. When you open the app. There will be 3 options. Choose the middle one. I think it says something like remove and quit. After you select that option the app will close down. Just reopen it and it should start up and work. No paraphrase needed.

  1. I don’t have a fresh install in front of me, but I think that when you are asked for the password one option is just say no, and it deletes the key store which you don’t need anyway. You will get/import a new one from a server if that becomes necessary.

  2. Okay, get it, iPhone doesn’t play nice with your app but is there a way I can make it work with iPhone?

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