ZeroTAKServer-Easy, Light-Weight & Private

Reddit user /u/PacketRacket, posting on Reddit’s ATAK SubReddit — /r/ATAK — pointed out that its possible to use ZeroTier’s personal virtual private network to configure a TAK network without a server.

With that insight, I created a tutorial on how to setup both your phone and the server to create a simple, functional network for CivTAK. There are also instructions for how to use the ZeroTier VPN as a VPN for CivTAK, though it won’t scale very well at all, and with just a little interest, that probably won’t hold up.

Here is the tutorial (Dummy’s Guide) on setting up a ZeroTAKServer.

And you can download CivTAK here.

If you have questions or suggestions, please post them on Reddit/r/ATAK.

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