Primordial Ground Guidance Integrates w/ ATAK

Primordial Ground Guidance now integrates with ATAK.

Here’s a brief description of the features supported:

What can it do?

  • Fast route. Ground Guidance generates the fastest route between two points.
  • Movement projection. Movement projection enables one to predict the likely location of an entity (e.g. a downed pilot or sniper fleeing an area) given a last known location, travel duration, and transportation mode.
  • Urban routing. In addition to routing in mountainous and woodland terrain, Ground Guidance supports urban routing.
  • Alternate routes. Ground Guidance supports planning any number of alternate routes between two points.  This facilitates planning primary, alternate, contingent, and emergency (PACE) routes before or during a mission.

  • Intervisibility. Ground Guidance analyzes man-made and natural features to calculate accurate view sheds.  Ground Guidance is unique in that it incorporates an optical vegetation penetration model to perform its analysis.

  • Randomized routes. Ground Guidance supports generating randomized routes to reduce predictability during patrols and commutes.

  • Multi-resolution routing. To achieve rapid rerouting on resource-constrained handheld platforms, Primordial developed a patent-pending multi-resolution routing algorithm that starts with a coarse map and refines routes over time.

  • Differential routing. In addition to fast and concealed routes, Ground Guidance supports maximizing relative advantage along a route.  Route check.  Similar to Microsoft Word’s spell check, Ground Guidance’s route check highlights potential dangers along a route (e.g. steep terrain, marshy areas, and exposed positions).

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