Data Ferrying with UAS

Here’s a research paper written to describe AFRL’s project using TAKServer (MARTI) to do data ferrying between disconnected systems.

Abstract—The effectiveness of ground-based, wireless tactical
data networks is often constrained by limitations such as
communication range and line-of-sight. SATCOM is not always available because it is relatively expensive and highly contended.
Data ferrying is an alternative method of data transfer in which data is uploaded from one network to a manned or unmanned vehicle, then the vehicle is driven or flown to within range of a second network where the data can be downloaded. Data ferrying via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can transport data over very rugged terrain without risking the safety of a human courier.
This paper describes an implementation of data ferrying to
provide low-cost, effective data communications between remote ground units and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in austere environments. It describes a field experiment in which a ground vehicle was used to wirelessly ferry data in a realistic scenario, and points out the lessons learned from that experiment.

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