TAK Server released and open-sourced to the public.

The TAK Product Center (TPC) “TAK Server” has been released and open-sourced to the public and available for download at https://tak.gov and GitHub.

TAK Server is a tactical information management platform that provides data access and encryption across disparate networks. TAK Server secures, brokers, and stores data in standalone and federated configurations.

Here’s the full announcement from the Director of the TAK Product Center over at the Discord #takserver channel.

From Ryan McLean (@ryan.tpc) – Director, TAK Product Center

Big day for TAK Nation – TAK Server is now open source! That’s the full TAK Server – there are no flavors like with ATAK or WinTAK. TAK Server is now Distribution A – Approved for Public Release.

This means that any TAK.gov account holder can download TAK Server in the same way you would download, or develop plugins for, ATAK-CIV.

Download on TAK.gov – https://tak.gov/products/tak-server
Access on GitHub – https://github.com/TAK-Product-Center/Server

We’ll also be posting the hardened TAK Server container to DoD Iron Bank for use in accredited JADC2 architectures that conform to the DoD DevSecOps Reference Design.

Future plans for the now-open source TAK Server include hosting in public container registries, developing a CLI installer for use through public package repositories like yum, and potentially implementing a Big Bang plugin that allows for yaml-based toggling of TAK Server functionality in a Big Bang k8s cluster. These things won’t be immediate, but they’re on our minds. We also aim to continue open-sourcing more TAK products under the notion that open source products aid TPC’s pursuit of Continuous Delivery.

A publicly-releasable TAK Server has long been a goal of the TAK community. We expect this action to have a significant impact on the ability of TAK users everywhere to implement TAK as they see fit. We also see the community contributing incremental improvements through GitHub because, as good as TAK Server is, it can always get better.

With that in mind, Pull Requests welcome! Part of our obligation is to make Issues known through GitHub so open source developers can follow our Server roadmap. Again, won’t be immediate, but we’re now on a path to work directly with the open source community. Submitted PRs will be vetted by US Government personnel at TAK Product Center at the Government’s discretion, and approved PRs will be adopted back into the TAK.gov master branch from which we build and post official releases.

Of course, it’s not been without some serious muscle movements. Many thanks to the TAK Product Center staff and our Government and Industry partners for the support and assistance. TAK is never done… but this is a monumental day.

Fulltext: https://discord.com/channels/698067185515495436/962362215242022912/991348745046347866

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