Par Launches TeamConnect

There’s a story in GISUser on Par’s launch of TeamConnect. Most readers of TAKCiv will be aware of TeamConnect, because its been around for a couple of years now. Its an easy to use, civilian-friendly replacement for TAKServer, that supports all the basic functionality of TAKServer.

Here’s an excerpt:

TeamConnect by PAR acts as a collaboration bridge to facilitate communication between personnel from an unlimited number of organizations – even if they otherwise have no network in common – using the mobile devices they already carry. The solution enables individuals to communicate directly by voice and share real-time information including GPS locations, texts, photos, documents, videos, GIS layers, and raster maps.

 From an event headquarters or emergency operations center, the TeamConnect by PAR administrator can add users, form groups, and manage participation levels via a web-based dashboard. In minutes, any individual who downloads the TeamConnect by PAR app onto their mobile phone, laptop or computer can be federated to a team or group. TeamConnect by PAR can track participating personnel and report their locations to the administrator or other team members.

 “TeamConnect by PAR is affordable and requires no expertise in system administration to set up,” said Cicchinelli. “The investment for a TeamConnect by PAR organization is minimal – the server hardware and system software are managed and maintained 24/7 in the cloud by PAR Government.”

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