Philippines leverages advanced technology in lock-down — Including ATAK

The Manila Times reports that the Philippines Government is leveraging several advanced technologies to manage their Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

The article discusses several technologies. Here’s what they said about ATAK:

JTF Covid Shield teams are deployed with 500 units of highly secured Samsung smartphones, installed with a mission essential app suite called Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK).

Another app the JTF uses is ZelloWork, which turns the smartphone into a secure digital PTT or press-to-talk application that is utilized in unison with a body camera.

The body camera transmits streaming video feeds to the DCPs, ATAK smartphones and MCC bus while JTF teams communicate via the secure PTT channel, Eleazar explained.

Inside the MCC bus are several sophisticated drones that stream videos to authorized smartphones. Drones blast an “unnerving alarm” similar to the siren in the movie The Purge. After the alarm, a warning in Filipino admonishes people to stay at home. “These drones are equipped with thermal imaging that allows them to fly at night,” Eleazar added.

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