Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition w/ ATAK Is Transforming Mission Operations

This News release from Samsung touts the interoperability between ATAK and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition. The key change with the operating system of the Tactical Edition is the ability to better control radios and the way the USB charges. That sounds boring, but its a must have for efficient use of tactical radios.

Its also a significant win for TAK that Samsung is modifying its radios for this market space.

There’s a video after the jump, and on the Samsung site. Here’s the key bit:

Samsung created the Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition — a tailor-made solution customized to the specific needs of tactical forces. The device features a preconfigured software suite that delivers enhanced communications, navigation, mapping, surveillance, reconnaissance, battlefield coordination and geospatial information. Backed by Samsung Knox, the Tactical Edition is purpose-built for classified environments where sensitive data needs to be protected at all times.

Whether held in the palm of the hand, integrated into the uniform or mounted to equipment, Tactical Edition pairs with common tactical radios and peripherals to communicate and share mission-critical data in real time. 

Here’s a video from Samsung:

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