CTTSO Announces Augmented Reality Navigation


The Combatting Terrorism Technical Spuport Office (CTTSO) announced that Par Government Systems has completed an augmented reality plugin for ATAK that may be used by the DoD and Homeland Security.

Here’s an excerpt:

Description: Leverage the existing Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) plugin architecture to design and develop a new vehicle navigation capability that translates route directions and situational awareness information into an augmented reality display on a commercial-off-the-shelf tablet. The capability works by mounting a tablet onto the windshield of a vehicle, utilizing the tablet’s camera, and fusing and overlaying route and ATAK data onto the tablet’s live footage to create an augmented reality system. The ARES-N uses open source augmented reality technology to relieve tactical operators from looking down at a mobile device and get their “heads-up” for force protection.

ATAK also gets a mention in CTTSO’s Year in review book.

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