TRX’ Non-GPS Geolocation has ATAK Plugin

TRX new spec sheet advertises an ATAK plugin for integration with its non-GPS/indoor navigation system.

Here’s an excerpt of what it offers:

NEON® Squad Tracker is a low SWaP, GPS-denied
navigation solution for dismounted warfighters. Squad
Tracker provides ubiquitous location, tracking and
mapping for personnel operating in areas where GPS is
unavailable, in a solution easily integrated into military
position, navigation, and timing (PNT) architectures.
 Sensor fusion for dismount personnel
 Flexible 3rd party constraint processing
 Integrates with resilient PNT sources
 Warfighter map/waypoint check-in
 UWB ranging and constraint sharing
 Operation indoor, underground, and outdoors
 API delivers warfighter location, motion, gait
 ATAK and Nett Warrior Plug-Ins

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