Primordial Ground Guidance Integrates w/ ATAK

Primordial Ground Guidance now integrates with ATAK. Here’s a brief description of the features supported: What can it do? Fast route. Ground Guidance generates the fastest route between two points. Movement projection. Movement projection enables one to predict the likely location of an entity (e.g. a downed pilot or sniper fleeing an area) given a last known location, travel duration, and transportation …

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GMU Works ATAK Integration Automated Intelligence Workflow

Bill Roting, of GMU has an award to work on Integration Automated Intelligence Workflow: Bill Roeting of the C4I & Cyber Center received $125K from Parsons Government Systems Corporation and the Department of Defense for his project, “Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) – Integrated Automated Intelligence Workflow.”

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Juggernaut Advertises ATAK Compatibility

Juggernaut, a licensee, is advertising its integration with ATAK, here. Excerpt: By applying the same hinged design as the Juggernaut.Case™ Armor.Mount, the NavBoard is able to be fully folded up or down for aircraft exit and landing. While under canopy the board can be angled into view, enabling the user to manipulate Jumpmaster apps within ATAK and APASS, utilize the …

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ATAK Tech Transfer Award

The ATAK team got an award for its work in commercializing the ATAK program as required by law.  From the Rome Sentinel: The Rome Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate and the Griffiss Institute received awards during the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for Technology Transfer’s Northeast Regional Meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton. For the Rome lab/Information Directorate, the …

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Polaris Gets Contract for ATAK Plugin

Polaris has a contract to improve ground navigation as an ATAK Plugin: A contract for Ground Guidance software expands the patented route planning and terrain analysis software for the U.S. Army by integrating it into the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) platform. The software suite from Primordial, which is owned by Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), provides on and off-road …

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DARPA’s PCAS Program Uses ATAK

Here’s an article from Raytheon’s use of ATAK on DARPA’s Persistent Close Air Support program. HE APP THAT SAVES LIVES: ANDROID TACTICAL ASSAULT KIT  A tablet is only as effective as the program it runs. Raytheon BBN Technologies, one of the company’s advanced research centers, helped develop that program: ATAK, or Android Tactical Assault Kit. ATAK allows soldiers to chat, …

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