Army Leveraging Soldier Systems Tactical for COVID19

The Army reports it is leveraging Soldier Systems Development and acquisition to support the National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers to rapidly develop network communications capabilities and that capabilitiy includes TAK. Notably, it seems to nod directly to the civilian version, CIVTAK and discusses a “bring your own device” strategy. It may be that TAK’s federation capabilities are part of making this BYOD strategy a reality.

A key effort being led by PEO Soldier is adapting and delivering a civilian version of the Army’s Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) software to provide National Guard, and other agencies, up-to-date COVID-19 data on a common software application that can run off of personal devices. Using a combination of fielding new smartphones capable of using the applications and a “bring your own device” strategy, the Contingency Response Situational Awareness/Situational Understanding (SA/SU) Tactical Applications Leader Kit effort, known as CRSSTALK, is delivering a line of map-based, situational awareness software applications across multiple platforms, to provide tactical capabilities for military and federal government operations. Pilot efforts are being coordinated with ARNORTH and the National Guard. To date, more than 16 states are receiving CRSSTALK capability.

Providing situational awareness and understanding for our dismounted Soldiers enables faster and more accurate decision making, said Colonel Troy Denomy, Project Manager Close Combat Squad, who oversees the CRSSTALK effort. “The fight against COVID-19 is no different than a tactical operation. Getting first responders and essential personnel to the right place, at the right time, with the right information will make them more effective.”

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