Downoading SRTM for TAK

This video shows how to download SRTM for use in ATAK.

Here are the things to note: – Choose your data format as SRTM

  • 1 Arc second (similar to DETED Level 2)
  • You can’t easily download more tha 100 tiles at at time (I had to cut this one tight to keep it under 100)
  • Use “Add All Results From Current Page” rather than clicking on each tile.
  • “Modify All scenes” to DTED 1-Arc Second. – Proceed to Checkout and Submit Order
  • An email link will be sent to you. -You need to install the USGS Bulk Downloader to download the SRTM.
  • Import with “Import Manager”, and select “Zipped DTED”.

Here’s how to import the SRTM after you’ve downloaded and zipped the SRTM (in DTED format):

And here’s now to tell the SRTM (or other DTED) has imported properly:

See the Wiki.TAKCiv page for moreads, including htis SRTM file.

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