AF Uses Android for ATAK

National Interest Magazine has a feature arguing hta tthe reason the Air Force Uses Android is because they use ATAK everywhere.

Since the 2000s, militaries have experimented with wearable computers and displays in a variety of locations in “Future Soldier” programs.

But in 2010, a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory team decided to leverage the open-source, multi-device compatible nature of the Android operating system to create a geospatial app for the teams on the ground. Called the Android Tactical Assault Kit, or ATAK, this piece of software has gone on to become the preferred app of American tactical teams across most branches.

ATAK at its heart is a map application that shares data across a local network. Map and locational data, along with regular text, voice, video, video streaming and image data can be shared from user to user through the app. As most android devices are equipped with a GPS receiver, ATAK is also useful as a regular navigation and orienteering app

PS — That’s a terrible image for the article.

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