National Guard leverages goTenna Pro & ATAK for PATRIOT South 2020 reports that goTenna Pro was used in PATRIOT South 2020 , sponsored by the National Guard Bureau at multiple locations in Mississippi to support Domestic Operations (DOMOPS) . Here’s the ATAK-relevant component: In disaster situations, traditional communications infrastructure is often prone to damage or failure. PATRIOT South participants are simulating comms-denied operations by pairing goTenna Pro X mesh networking radio devices …

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GoTenna Releases Pro-X with ATAK Compatibility

Firehouse has an article describing GoTenna’s new Pro-X which is compatible with ATAK. goTenna, the world’s leading mobile mesh networking company, released goTenna Pro X, a tactical-grade device that enables scalable mobile mesh networking and total situational awareness for professionals in the field. goTenna Pro X is designed to be used with the world’s leading situational awareness applications as well …

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CA uses TAK, goTenna

This article from discusses goTenna’s integration with ATAK and its use by California firefighters. the whole article is worth a read: Each goTenna device is a stand-alone tool that can work with other goTenna devices to transmit information through a mesh network. Multiple applications for the mesh network involve showing in real time the locations of people connected to …

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Can goTenna Pro-X mesh with tactical network needs?

One of the more notable use cases compatible with goTenna Pro and the new goTenna Pro X is Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), developed by the government and available off-the-shelf for government users. ATAK is, first and foremost, a kind of “blue force tracker,” allowing users connected through the app to see where everyone is.

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GoTenna Announces ATAK Integration

GoTenna announced that they have integrated their GoTenna Pro off-grid radios with ATAK, including ATAK-Civ. Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) The leading situational awareness and C2 application for U.S. Special Forces. Developed and maintained by the Air Force Research Labs and SOCOM. Extend your team’s geographic presence as ATAK nodes without cell, wifi, satellites.  

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GoTenna SOFIC Brief-Fully ATAK Integrated

Jorge Prodomo, of GoTenna, gave a brief of the compelling case for GoTenna products at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), where he included a discussion of GoTenna’s ATAK integration.  Here’s the link to the ATAK discussion.  The whole video is below.  At about the 9 minute point he also talks about using TAKServer to bridge GoTenna with …

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