an ITAK Review?

Officer.Com has what looks a lot like a review of iTAK 2.0, though it seems a bit uncritical, and somewhat short. Here’s the entire article:

Syzygy Integration LLC’s iTAK 2.0, a government off the shelf (GOTS) system, is an innovative application built with an intuitive interface and leveraging the modern iOS security framework. Syzygy’s approach to iTAK 2.0 has been to leverage the latest innovations across the iOS platform to rapidly deliver new capabilities in an easy to use application. iTAK 2.0 fills critical situational awareness gaps in operations such as Humanitarian and Disaster Response (HADR), National Security Special Events (NSSE), counter terrorism and law enforcement activities. iTAK 2.0 can be deployed on any iOS platform giving users a modern, simple interface. iTAK 2.0 is also fully interoperable with the Internet of TAK: ATAK, WinTAK, TAKServer. 


  • Geographic Collaboration – Immediately interact across your team by sharing positions, points, chats, and digital pointers all while communicating securely with the TAK ecosystem. 
  • Simplified User Experience – iTAK 2.0 leverages all of the latest iOS features with a modern intuitive interface. The system does not require training and has common tools easily accessible. 
  • Modern Mapping – Built on modern iOS mapping features the systems comes with 3D mapping, 3D point placement, traffic, and points of interest. 
  • Internet of TAK – Interoperates with TAK Server, ATAK, WinTAK and all elements of the TAK ecosystem. Fully compatible with Syzygy Integration’s TAK.Team infrastructure. iTAK is built from the ground up with security in mind keeping your sensitive operational data safe.

Syzygy developed iTAK 2.0 under contract from DHS S&T in response to urgent operational needs.

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