Corona Fire Department Enhances Situational Awareness with ATAK

Here’s an article from Government Technology’s Emergency Management Magazine covering the Corona, CA’s use of ATAK for firefighing. This is a much better article than the one published in Financial News last month.

The Corona, Calif., Fire Department has tapped into what has been largely a federal solution, deploying the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) to greatly improve its situational awareness and put crucial information in front of its first responders in real time.

ATAK uses the Android system to put information like video, mapping and location information on the Android mobile devices used by firefighters, providing real-time access to livestreaming cameras from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and possibly any other network of cameras.

“We have had a unique situation that we’re actually seeing more across the U.S., which is the desire to use mobile devices to enable better team communication in real time and ensure that applications that require robust processing have the ability to do that quickly and on the go,” said Reg Jones, senior director and head of public sector at Samsung, which supplied the Corona Fire Department with Galaxy S10 smartphones for firefighters and Galaxy Tab S4 tablets for commanders to run ATAK.

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