TAK Products

The TAK family of products have numerous components.  Here’s a list of licensable products:

Civilian products:

ATAK-Civ -Enterprise-quality mapping and collaboration for public state and local organizations.  Includes video capabilities.  You can get it here [FIRSTNet.Gov App Store] and here [our web site]. Costs a few dollars per copy/year.

ATAK-Civ Plugins – A sampling of civilian-oriented plugins. [?Free?]

ATAK-Free -Enterprise-quality mapping and collaboration for public state and local organizations.  No video capabilities.  Available here [In the Google Play Store]


  • GRG building
  • ADSB plugin
  • goTenna Plugin
  • DSM Manager
  • DJI plugin   — Separate App w/ Plugin capabilities
  • Weather Plugin
  • Intervalometer
  • Wave Relay
  • TAKChat (XMPP)
  • GeoTAKCam  — Separate App w/ Plugin capabilities
  • ?Air Overlays?

ATAK-Free Plugins.  Same list as ATAK-Civ Plugins, but signed for ATAK-Free.

ATAK Update Server -Server software for licensees to manage the upgrade of their clients directly.

WinTAK-Civ – Windows based TAK Client, with advanced imagery download tools.  [?Free? Available as a download on this site?]

iTAK – Civilian iPhone client.  (There is no military version of the iPhone client)

ATAK-Civ SDK.  Develop your own TAK plugins with the ATAK SDK. [FREE].

Military use products:

TAKServer -TAKServer is used by all TAK clients to coordinate information.  Available on the FistNet.Gov App Store.

Military products available for license:


ATAK-Mil Plugins


Note that dual use and military products require additional vetting before distribution.