Community TAK Server

New to TAK and you want to use a data connection to collaborate with other connected TAK end-users?

Civilian ATAK Community members have setup a free-to-use full-featured Team Awareness Kit (TAK) Server to try server and networking functionality of TAK. The team shall make every effort to make this TAK server available.

For privacy-cautious end-users, we have also setup a TOR ‘hidden service’ server access on TCP mode.

Server Configuration

Server Address:
Streaming Protocol: SSL
Server Port: 58088
Description: TAK Server on TLS/SSL on Amazon
AWS Linux on 'Free Tier' t2.micro

Import Manager Configuration File:

Import Manager Configuration files – Download the ZIP which contains the configuration information (DO NOT EXTRACT), and use the Import Manager within TAK to load.

Server Address: (Data Packages Disabled)
** If you want Data Package / API support, use SSL **
Tor Address: wqk3fszh5wjkcyv53y4mlk2nfedfkzzx55f6px5emphti7xlbsx4utqd.onion
(Data Packages Enabled)
Streaming Protocol: TCP
Server Port: 48088
Description: TAK Server on TCP on Amazon
AWS Linux on 'Free Tier' t2.micro